Video Post-Production (editing)

I began my career as an editor. No position teaches you more about production than video editing.  Having spent most of my 20yrs in production as an editor, nowhere am I more at home than in the editing chair. Being the editor also allows me to be more efficient when shooting and directing a production – as I begin to piece the job together before its even been shot. I know what shots are needed, and what shots I will be using. Video editing is an art, and a science.


Sample Sequence

You will be sent proofs of your job during various stages of editing using an ftp client where you can download and review edits at your leisure, send back notes and be involved in the editing phase from the comforts of your home or office. You can be as involved or un-involved as you like to be – from reviewing raw footage to just signing off on a final edit and the stages in between.

Video editing is the ultimate story telling position. And as such I pride myself on making sure the editing phase is as technically and creatively sound as the production phase so nothing gets lost or distracts the viewers. It’s no longer just about assembling the pieces, its also about preparing a job for distribution, and knowing the ins and outs of various formats and which suit specific needs the best. Color timing the shots, balancing the sound, and even stabilizing shaky footage is all part of the job.

video editing compression

We shoot and distribute In MPEG4

quicktimelogo video editingNonlinear editing, and faster-than-real-time compression and encoding of your video ensure the highest possible quality with efficient turnaround time.

Great shooting, combined with great editing can make your video a beautiful thing.