Videography Packages

Videography Camera Packages are available in a wide range of options and configurations to suit your needs.  Contrary to some, “anything will do” is rarely the right answer.

Typically we offer 1/2 day (less than 4hrs), and full-day (up to 10hrs) rates on a sliding scale for multi-day shoots.

People will often ask, “what if I only need you for an hour?”.  We must apply our 1/2 day rate simply because we are unable to book any other work around that hour.

*NEW* Multi Camera, 4K Video Production

Panasonic AG-DVX200 4K Camera with storage and operator (shoots 4K and HD simultaneously)

Add a Sony EX1-R HD camera for secondary angle

DJI Osmo 4K Gimbal

DJI Phantom 3 4K Drone

Single HD-Camera Package (basic videography, event coverage, interviews, CEO addresses)

Single Camera News Conference

Political News Conference

Sony EX-1R Broadcast HD Video Camera with storage and operator

Schactler Tripod

Sennheiser Wireless lapel Microphones, Boom and/or Shure Handheld

3 LED lights, stands and on-camera LED

Options: Background with muslin stands, Samsung HD monitor, 3ft Slider, Tablet Teleprompter, Laptop for on-site transfer of raw footage

Recommended: Professional Make-Up artist/stylist for formal interviews



Portable Chromakey (green screen) Package

Portable Chromakey/Green Screen

Portable Chroma-Key Before

Chroma Key Green Screen

Portable Chroma Key – After

Everything from Single-HD Package PLUS

Collapsible Chromakey background

Extra LED lighting

Recommended: Professional Make-up Artist/Stylist, 2nd Camera for alternate angle


Multi Camera Package (formal interviews, event coverage, tv shows, conferences, infomercials – anything BIG)

video production multi camera

3 Camera Shoot on location

2 and 3 camera packages are available with a wide range of options from traditional video cameras to DSLR, studio settings, mobile production trucks…

this package is mainly for broadcast, direct response TV or coverage of large events.

Please call or email for a formal quotation based on your specific needs.  More often than not, we find a package for everybody.

The Extras

What are extras? Extras are the gear we add in and bring along to boost production value.  Sliders (for smooth lateral movement), Jibs (for smooth sweeping shots) and Drones (for aerial and fly-through shots).  We now also carry the DJI Osmo  – a hand-held gimbal (Steadicam). We have it all.  Whatever you need, just let us know.