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Toronto Based Corporate Video Production

Marinelli Media is a full service production company specializing in video for corporate communications and marketing.  With over 20yrs of experience, we have been at the helm of productions for businesses large, and small – from low budget to big budget – from web to the big screen and everything in between.  To say we have been there, and done it all would be an understatement. 

There is no better value than Marinelli Media.

The comment we hear most from our clientele? “We know you will take care of us.”

One of our strongest assets is our ability to handle any job.  We regularly handle everything from single-camera event coverage, to multi camera live-switch events.  Our business model allows complete flexibility while still being able to maintain and produce high-end productions.  We have produced tv series, infomercials, commercials, and corporate video for both internal and external usage. We routinely cover live events including full post-production and distribution via satellite for broadcast, social media, or mainstream media such as DVD and Blu-Ray disc.  We also provide live, multi-camera web casting of events, town halls and conferences.  These delivery methods come with their own set of quirks and technical requirements.  We know and deal with all their intricacies on a regular basis.  

We have been selected and hired by several private and public sector firms in various geographical locations, including The Cities of Toronto and most recently, The City of Kitchener to handle video production needs.  From the GTA, to the Windy City of Chicago, to the Hills of Tuscany, we go where the work is. Rest assured no matter what the deliverable or where – we have you covered.

We place an emphasis on high technical standards which means lighting, sound, and composition are always a priority.  It includes being able to light any subject or any space properly and creatively using a variety of lights and light qualities.  It also entails having proper equipment to capture sound cleanly with low noise using a variety of mics from lapel to shotgun and boom.  The moving camera is also a trademark of ours utilizing sliders, jibs, drones and gimbals to raise production values to their max!  Additionally, being able to frame an image so that its both technically and compositionally correct and appealing is something we place in high regard.  Our skills don’t end there! We know how to deal with people – a skill lacking among many these days.  We routinely deal with people – from start-up owners and CEO’s to Hollywood Celebrities and Olympic Athletes.  We place a high emphasis on customer satisfaction and that often requires us to go above and beyond the call of duty – including 24/7 availabilities, and fast turn-around times.