Video Broadcast and Distribution

We can help you decide and implement the best method for broadcast and video distribution of your productions. DVD. Blu-Ray. YouTube. Vimeo. Satellite. Television!

The methods used to distribute video these days are numerous, each with their sets of pros and cons. And each can be tailored to your specific requirements.  From social media to broadcast television – we know how to get you there and be seen.  Maybe you want direct delivery to just a few select people via ftp?  Or maybe you need to link from twitter to a more public forum such as Vimeo or YouTube.

•Are you delivering direct to consumer?
•Issuing a news release?
•Hoping to go viral on social media?
•Publishing on internal servers or websites?
•Is your program direct response or commercial?

Whatever form or forms your productions take, we have done it all – successfully.  We know which formats are best suited for your delivery needs and the intricacies of each.  We are connected with duplicators and satellite distributors that will help make it all happen.  More and more work is being published online using channels such as YouTube or Vimeo.  Many firms are hosting videos on their own servers for internal use.   Video content  is becoming more and more accessible with the recent updates to Twitter and Instagram which allow micro videos as well.